What Age Can I Start Physie?

We do not actually have an upper or lower limit on ages. However, we recommend not commencing classes until the year you turn 3. However, we recognise that each student is different and will reach developmental stages at different times. It is also NEVER too late to start Physie. You can get it started at any age, with any level of experience.

Do I Have To Attend Multiple Classes?

We do not make multiple class attendance compulsory. However, we do strongly recommend it. Especially for students who do intent to be competitive. Fees include access to all timetable classes, but it is entirely up to you.

Do I Need To Buy Uniforms/Costumes?

We do not require any expensive uniforms or costumes. Physie is not done in shoes, and we offer affordable hire options for competition leotards. You are not required to purchase a uniform for training, however we do have affordable training and competition club uniforms available for purchase throughout the year.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

Please contact us for full class fee information, however, all classes come to less than $10/lesson. We will always keep Physie affordable.

Can I Attend Class Casually?

The annual syllabus is taught and perfected throughout the year, so students who come to class casually often struggle to keep up to date with what has been taught. If you are starting mid-way through the year do not worry, we will always catch you up! But we do not offer an enrolment option for casual-only classes.

Do I Have To Compete?

No, we do not make competitions compulsory. However, they are a lot of fun and our students always have a great time. We are happy to accommodate to kids and students who are highly competitive as well as those who are not. It is entirely up to you, but we do encourage participation wherever possible. We have both individual and team competitions throughout the year ranging from club and local competition all the way up to state and national level titles.

Do I Have To Be Experienced To Compete?

Absolutely not! Most students compete in their first year, and we ensure that everyone is ready. Do not worry, competitions aren't always as scary as they seem.

Can I Pay My Fees Monthly/Weekly?

Unfortunately not, no. We offer flexible payment terms and options to make things as easy as possible but fees must be paid according to this, and prior to commencement of classes.