Meet Our Team...

Both Brisbane and Ipswich City Physie are very proud to have a big and incredible teaching team to provide our dancers with the resources they need to succeed. We are also very focused on giving our senior girls the opportunity to learn and teach as they progress through their Physie careers.


Rebecca Morgan

Director, Principal Teacher & BjP Associate

Bec began her Physie career at the age of 12 back at Everton Physie on Brisbane’s Northside. Over the following years, Bec’s hard work & determination lead her down a path of Physie success. Bec’s career so far has seen a large number of interclub wins & places, 8 consecutive QLD State Finalist spots, a QLD State 4th place & multiple Australian National Finalist spots - which has seen her represent her club at the Sydney Opera House. More importantly, however, Bec developed a love much greater that she could have ever hoped for. In 2016, Bec & Kim made the decision to open their own club, Brisbane City, which started classes in February of 2017. The following year, in 2018, they decided to expand which saw the opening of their second club Ipswich City. As a teacher Bec has seen great success with more than 20 State Finalists under her wing since opening her clubs, multiple Junior & Senior National representatives, a national 3rd place and amazing growth in every student. Despite Bec’s competitive nature, one of the most rewarding parts of her job is seeing the growth (both physically and mentally) in her students. She really feels she has built a family and is excited for what the future holds.


Kimberley Buckman

Director, Principal Teacher & BjP Associate

Kim has now been doing Physie for more than 20 years, and has been teaching for more than 15 of those. Her Physie career has seen her dance at a number of clubs across QLD & NSW prior to the opening of her two clubs: Brisbane City & Ipswich City. Kim’s individual Physie career has proven to be very successful; collecting number of state final spots & national finalist spots - seeing her represent her club at the Sydney Opera House. Kim’s love for Physie shines through and is very clear when teaches her students. Her experience allows her to develop students quickly and to really get the most out of them, whilst allowing them to really and truly love their sport. Kim’s success as a teacher has truly reflected this with countless state finalist, national competitors & national place-getters. Running two clubs has been an amazing experience for Kim & she cannot wait to see what is in store over the years ahead.


Jessie Sheehan

Senior Teacher & BjP Associate

Jessie has been dancing for as long as she can remember, with her great success in Physie starting at a very young age. Jessie holds a large number of Zone Titles & National final spots which reflect on both her Junior and Senior career. Jessie was one of the founding members of Brisbane City Physie and has been assisting us in a teaching role from 2017-2019. However, in 2020 Jessie has officially come on board in a Senior Teaching role and has also become a BjP Associate. Jessie’s dedication and eye-for-detail has made a huge impact on so many of our students and will continue to do so. We are very excited to have Jessie in a bigger & better role with us in 2020 as we know this will have a large impact on all of our students. 


Sophie Sayers

Junior Teacher 

Sophie is joining the Brisbane & Ipswich City teaching team in 2020, and she is going to be an amazing addition to our clubs. Sophie’s hard working nature has seen her grow so much even since she joined us in 2019, her National 3rd place title in 2019 is a true testament to her dedication. On top of this, Sophie has represented her club both at a State and National level multiple times now since starting her Physie journey at 5 years old. Her addition to our team is going to be of great benefit to our members and we look forward to seeing what is ahead of us!


Rose Kelly

Junior Teacher 

Rose has been doing Physie for over 10 years, and has danced with a number of clubs across QLD. Rose has been dancing with Brisbane City since 2017 & has now joined our team as a Junior Teacher. She currently holds 7 state finalist spots, three QLD State top 5 places & has represented her clubs at a national level multiple times. Rose has always been a dedicated student and her success is truly a reflection of her dedicated & hard-working nature. We are very excited to welcome Rose into our teaching team as she has always been a favourite with the girls, but we know has so much she can offer to develop their Physie. 


Emma Moncreiff

Junior Teacher 

Physie has been a big part of Emma’s life for a number of years now, and she has had some great success along the way. Emma joined Brisbane City in 2019 & in 2020 we are very proud to welcome her onto our teaching team. Emma’s past teaching experience, paired with her dance background and Physie knowledge is going to see her as an amazing addition to our teaching team. Emma has had great success at both State and National level competitions & this is a reflection of her persistent and hard working attitude.