Terms and Conditions

All initial trial lessons are free of charge if not continued throughout the term.

Payment of competition levy is required for all students, whilst competitions are not compulsory, we are still required to register each student to compete through head office. Team entries and leotards are also based on full enrolment numbers. Please discuss with us if you require clarification.

Students may not enrol by term, enrolment is scaled annually. Although we offer instalment options this does not represent elective enrolment. We believe it is important to see the year through and be a part of a full year at Brisbane City Physie.

Fees are non refundable.

A $5 per week admin fee will be added to your account for each week that fees are late.

​Each Term varies between 8-10 weeks. Fees are based upon approximately 35 weeks per year (subject to change).

Photos and videos may occasionally be taken of the students during class time for teaching purposes, or to be used on our website or facebook page - please advise if you do not wish to have you or your child included in any photos.

Brisbane & Ipswich City Physie takes no responsibility for any student outside their class attendance inside the studio. Please ensure your child is supervised when outside their class hours.

Brisbane & Ipswich City Physie advocates safe dance practise in all their lessons, however we take no responsibility for injuries that take place during class time.

In the event of an accident or illness I hereby give permission for any necessary medical assistance to be sought and agree to pay all medical fees and expenses incurred. 

By signing your enrolment form you agree to the above conditions.