What is Physie?

Physie is an Australian girls dance sport that has recently celebrated is 125th year anniversary. Physie brings the fundamental techniques of different forms of dance into one single, affordable class. More importantly, Physie develops young girls and ladies into beautiful, graceful and mature adults who are all part of something incredible special. For our clubs, we aim to create and share a family-like environment whilst allowing for the nurturing of all different levels of experience and skill.

Physie is for girls ages 3+ all the way through to ladies of 65+. In order to begin Physie there is no need for any dance experience at all. Physie combines Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Gymnastics elements all into one, where girls can develop an all around skill base whilst learning to perform and compete gracefully.

Classes are affordable and flexible and you can start at any time! To find out more information check out the video below and visit www.physicalculture.com.au for more information on the BJP School of Physical Culture.